Going Green ~ Grow NPR

GrowingTogetherLogo-web_sizeYour library is committed to environmental sustainability, whether its the paint we buy, the products we recycle or the community projects that we spearhead and support.


Visit your NPR Library’s Courtyard each Tuesday from 10-12PM and experience the products local organic growers are offering.


“Check out” seeds from the library’s seed catalog. Use these heirloom, genetically pure seeds to start your own organic garden.

Your NPR Library presents films that highlight important ecological issues. These films were donated in honor of longtime volunteer, social and environmental activist, Susan B. Vaughn. No charge

May 9, 4PM, ~ Join us for a special presentation, a 40 min film entitled Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure, a giant-screen film that tells the extraordinary true story of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s now-legendary 1914-1916 British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The film will be presented and discussed by gifted lecturer, Deane Rink, who worked on the Emmy-winning Planet Earth, Emmy and Peabody-winning Cosmos, and who produced the first ever live broadcasts from Antarctica.


A Project of the City of New Port Richey’s Environmental Committee

If you own property within city limits, you may apply to have it designated as a community garden, allowing its use by you and your neighbors for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Contact the Environmental Committee for details, ADMASS@gmail.com or 727-853-1279.
Download an application.

This program may be of particular interest to property owners of vacant lots. Rather than the lot being a maintenance chore, it can instead be transformed into a productive urban oasis – a source of pride for owners, neighbors, and the community as whole. Provisions of the Community Garden Program also allow for the property to be leased to individuals and groups for use as a community garden, so there may be financial advantages as well.

Community gardens are not just sources for nutritious fruits and vegetables, they also restore and revitalize communities, promote environmental health and healing and stimulate social interaction. They also encourage self-reliance, preserve green space, reduce the use of gas-powered (noisy) lawn maintenance equipment, significantly increase bird and butterfly populations, reduce family food expenses, enhance intergenerational communication and cooperation, afford teaching opportunities for local schools, serve as project sources for seniors, and reduce crime. Apply to have your property designated as a Community Garden, and you will join with other city residents who see our city as a vital center of healthy living and environmental renewal.

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