Matthew Colthup, and featuring TAMI LYNN

tami lynn

CONCERT: Sat, Dec 6. 1PM, No charge

Colthup hails from England and has been enjoying recent performances with the U.S. Rolling Stones. His NPR Library performance will include blues and pop, incorporate electro-acoustic guitar and demonstrate the versatility of the classical Spanish guitar. Colthup will discuss both his experiences in England as well as how American music played a pivotal role in his British upbringing.

He is joined by Tami Lynn, a legendary New Orleans soul singer, who has performed with the Rolling Stones, Dr John and many others, scoring a top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1971, with the song “I’m Gonna Run Away From You.”

This is a 100 at 1PM Concert; 100 tickets will be given out at the front desk starting at 1PM, and these ticket holders will be seated first. We will then make every attempt to seat remaining audience members.

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