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Seeking Community Input for Long Range Plan

InvitationPlease attend one of the listed focus groups to help your library form a plan. You may RSVP at the front desk, by calling Vivienne at 727-853-1263, emailing, or clicking on the pic above.

Your NPR Library strives to facilitate access and creation of knowledge. We form connections: bringing information to you, entertainment to you, inspiration to you, conversations to you. And to do this, the library also relies on you, to tell us your story and what services we can provide that will improve your quality of life. Your NPR Library is asking for your input to create a “long-range plan,” a plan that will ensure that our community has a voice in the library’s future (2013-2018).

TEENS (ages 13-18) – Mon, Mar. 12, 2:30-4:30PM
This meeting is open to all teens who would like to share what they would like library services to be.

ADULTS – Mon, Apr. 2, 6-8PM
This meeting is open to Friends of the Library, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living representatives to discuss adult services.

CAREGIVERS – Mon, Apr. 9, 6-8PM
This meeting is open to parents, caregivers, day care providers, and school representatives (public, private, home school, charter) to discuss Youth Services.

COMMUNITY REPS – Mon, Apr. 30, 6-8PM
This meeting is open to elected officials, library board members, funding administrators, and library administration.

Fri, May 11, 2:30-4:30PM
This meeting is open to library volunteers and mandatory for library staff.

Once our focus groups have met, the library will review findings and draft a plan. This plan will be reviewed by the Library Advisory Board, sent to City Council for adoption and forwarded to the State.

The long range plan is required by the State in order to continue receiving grant funding.