Henry Wolfe – Now Standing Room Only!

Thursday, December 15 at 7PM

No charge, but reserved seating is a must

To RSVP, please email Ann Scott at AScottFL@gmail.com

or call 727-853-1265.

About Henry Wolfe:

In an era of dwindling attention spans, it is something of a shock to discover a musician who simply wants to write beautiful, timeless songs. That’s what you hear when you listen to Wolfe’s new album Linda Vista. A loose, dressed down affair, it captures the sound of real people in a room, playing together in real time. The result is an assuredly understated full-length debut. Inspired by the past, and informed by the present, the tunes on Linda Vista have a swing, a swagger and, most of all, a soul.

The making of Linda Vista began in 2007, when Wolfe packed his possessions into an old station wagon and drove from New York to Los Angeles. As a going-away present, a friend gave him two records—Paul McCartney’s Ram and Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Sings Newman—that would become guiding lights in his new journey as a songwriter. In L.A., he settled into a hillside bungalow in Laurel Canyon, down the street from where John Lennon spent the lost weekend. There, surrounded by jasmine and eucalyptus and howling coyotes, Wolfe began writing songs like “Someone Else,” and “Stop the Train,” an early demo of which was featured in the 2009 film Julie & Julia.

Wolfe was inspired by the chilled-out L.A. music scene. He’d done most of his growing up on the East Coast, and though his grandfather spent his free time writing hundreds of songs, he is the only musician in his immediate family. Not that they’re lacking for talent. His mother, Meryl Streep, has a beautiful singing voice, and his father, Don Gummer, is a sculptor and a painter. Following in his mother’s footsteps, he writes in character, exploring the comedy and heartbreak of human relationships through song. Like his father he is a builder, sculpting graceful, lyrical structures to withstand the test of time.


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