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Storytime for Adults – Tuesdays at 1PM

Poets, Writers and Storytellers – Come share your creative work in a welcoming supportive environment.  The group will provide great listeners, feedback if invited and a sense of falderol or serious intent as you wish. Tuesday afternoons from 1-2:30PM.

She Had to Know – book talk and signing with Coco Ihle on May 21, 11AM

Sat, May 21 at 11AM

Author Coco Ihle talks about how the quest to find her birth family led to a publishing contract.

Staged Reading of Rough Cut

Staged Reading of the play:
“Jack Buchanan- rough cut, a work in progress”

Written by Bob Zappacosta and MaryFrancis Locarni

Hosted by: New Port Richey Public Library

5939 Main Street,

Saturday, April 30 at 3PM

No Charge

This one act play offers a humorous and touching glimpse at pursuing the often-illusive balance between art and life.

Jack Buchanan wants to know the answer to his question: When will I write something worthy of this pain, this waiting…Or, more aptly, worthy of his poetic influence – the infamous Charles Bukowski.

Jack, in a fit of despair, has fled New England for the Gulf Coast of Florida. Shortly after the move, his friend Joey dies and Jack inherits Joey’s dilapidated apartment, his job as a short-order cook and two pot-addled busboys that he can’t seem to shake. His roof leaks, his car is broken, and his latest girlfriend has left him for an exterminator. Kathy – a fellow artist who has taken on the daunting task of acting as Jack’s booking agent – has just gently broken the news that he is no longer welcome at any of the local coffee-houses and that he has alienated all but one publisher. The reading she has arranged for him at the university this evening appears to be his last chance; on many levels.

When Jack fails to comprehend this, he receives a spectral reminder. As he half-halfheartedly prepares for the evening’s performance he is visited by the sardonic spirit of Sylvia Plath. She looks decidedly different than the last time they met for several reasons – the least of which is the dime-store angel costume she’s sporting.

At this point Jack’s life is part slap-stick comedy and part tragedy. As he confront his beleaguered past and the reckless behavior that is making his future uncertain, he comes to acknowledge the absence of love, truth and beauty in his life. With Sylvia’s guidance Jack begin the process of breaking down the barriers that are preventing him from achieving creative fulfillment.

Code Green

Code Green – Transition New Port Richey

Next meeting – Sat, Apr. 9 at 1PM. The group hosts a discussion on the initiation and growth of the Transition Town, New Port Richey. Learn how we can re-create a future of localized food, sustainable energy sources & a resilient local economy with a enlivened sense of community well-being for New Port Richey.