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Live performances @ your NPR Library!

Hungrytown Folk Performance
Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson [write] brand-new ballads that sound straight out of the ’30s. Standing face to face, so close that their guitars almost touch, they sing into the same mic, evoking scenes from the glory days of the Grand Ole Opry. -Yankee Magazine. Don’t miss this free performance Thur, Feb. 5 at 7PM.

Noteworthy Duo Spanish Classical Guitar & Flute
Flutist Lisa Schroeder joins guitarist Michael Nigro for an all Latin American program, with special attention to the music of South America. Each moment [will be] filled with passion, grace, and beauty through this finely crafted program. Thurs, Feb. 19 at 6PM

Tea with Author Bess Ciarcia
Did you ever think you ought to write a book? Do you think it’s too late?  Find out what Bess Ciarcia realized when she turned eighty, and hear her read from her second novel, The Mysterious Owner of Alphonse. Tea and light refreshments provided. Sat, Feb. 21 at 2PM

There’s even more to do.  Check out our day by day calendar.